Environmental measurements dry cleaners in Amsterdam

Monday December 10, 2012, 10:35 • 2914 views

The environmental and building department of the city of Amsterdam has asked Cleaning Consultancy Delft (CCD) to advise and Logo Amsterdamassist in the measurement of the environmental circumstances at dry cleaners. On behalf of the environment and building department, CCD has compiled a set of measurements to analyze how dry cleaners function in their environment.

The environmental measurements check on leaks of the cleaning machines. The ventilation outlet-points are checked as well as the in- and outdoor measurements on PER-emission (perchlorethylene).Thanks to the independence, the knowledge and equipment, CCD is regarded as a reliable partner for the Amsterdam service to complete these measurements. CCD reports the deviations and recommendations to the city of Amsterdam so that they can steer on the improvements of the dry cleaners.

CCD is an independent partner for environmental services to check dry cleaners who operate with PER