Test cleaning effect of trolley washers

Thursday December 06, 2012, 14:59 • 3707 views

At the request of several customers and relationships, Cleaning Consultancy Delft started a project to investigate  the cleaning of the trolleys which are used in the laundry industry.
The Dutch laundry CERTEX-standard requires that all the trolleys used in the laundry and textileservice industry need to be cleaned. Almost all laundry companies have made a substantial investment in a trolley washer, but there is yet no proper test method of this specific disinfection-/cleaning cycle.
We expect the first field tests to start in early 2013 to run. Would you like to be informed about this research, or are you interested in the cleaning proces of your trolley washer, please send an email to info@ccd.eu or call us on +31 15 21 58 676