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BelgiumCCD is proud to announce a co-operation between CCD and Peter Verreycken of Chanua Consult for the Belgium market. Peter has an excellent knowledge of the Belgium Laundry industry through is extensive career in this sector. Chanua Consult will represent CCD in the Belgium market

CCD expands team

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CCD expands team

At the beginning of July 2012 three new professionals joined the team of Cleaning Consultancy Delft BV.  Stijn de Geus will be in charge of service- and product development. Maurice van der Werf will fulfil the role of procurement and financial manager, and last but not least, Joop van der Zee will be the main point of contact for all commercial contacts and topics. (Photo from left to right: Stijn, Joop en Maurice)  

TRM Temperature Registration Module

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Our TRM is a proven instrument in the laundry industry for 15 years and is used in many countries, not only in Europe but also in countries like Brazil, Australia, China, India etc. Our costumers are laundries and chemical suppliers.

The TRM is a special developed data-acquisition device (logger). The body is compact and very solid. Therefore this device is resistant against most shocks, temperature, pressure and chemicals. Because of these properties it can be used for many applications, for instance during industrial laundry processes. It can even withstand normal dehydration-presses, centrifuges and shakers. TRM

With the TRM-software the module can be programmed and read out. The obtained data can be analyzed and graphically presented. So you can directly show the temperature diagram after the washing.

Special functions are built-in, such as the calculation of lethality. In this calculation, the properties of specific bacteria are included. Enterococcus faeçium is used as reference for this calculation.

ICM Industrial Cleaning Monitor

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The Industrial Cleaning Monitor is used for measuring the primary washing performance (soil- and stain removal) of industrial laundry processes

The monitor contains 4 different kinds of soils/stains, each one equivalent to a different kind of soil, which may occur on normal laundry. For instance laundry from hospitals, food industry, restaurants etc.ICM package
Using the monitor is very easy. It is washed once with the washing process to be tested. After drying the results can be measured and compared with the reference values.

The four kinds of soil/stains on the monitor are:
Oil/pigments, Food, Bleachable, Protein/blood

Besides the ICM there are also monitors for the food industry (FCM) and for work wear (WCM).

Result forms are available in the languages; English, German, French and Dutch.

DES Disinfection controller for cleaning processes

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The need for simple and reliable methods for testing the degree of disinfection of cleaning processes increases. Disinfection controllers are a simple solution for checking the lethality of these processes.

The DES-controller is a bio-indicator, containing cotton patches contaminated with test bacteria. The patches are enclosed in a membrane, which is resistant to heat- and chemicals. This membrane is permeable for water, detergent and disinfectant, but prevents the bacteria from being washed off. This is an advantage because all bacteria must be killed. It also prevents the employer and the process from contamination with the test-bacteria.

The bacteria Enterococcus faeçium (ATCC 6057) is used as test-organism. The DES-controller can be used in any process where a certain amount of disinfection is desired.

Examples of application are: Laundry processes, batch as well as continuous, bed cleaning facilities, dishwashers, etc.

Result forms are available in the languages; English, German, French and Dutch