With our strong background in the field of industrial textile cleaning our advice is based on in depth knowledge and this represents the backbone of CCD. Whatever area is important to you whether it is washing, steaming, and textiles itself, or microbiology and hygiene – we can offer you advice and support in all of these areas. As a one-off or on a regular basis, or globally focused on one topic.

A visit to advise you, will always have a specific goal or multiple goals in mind. Thus, for example, we focus on the quality of your processes, or your environmental or technological innovations. Our objective assessment follows in a report, and is proof for both certification bodies and customers that you meet the current requirements. We assess fairly and objectively, and our assessment is then followed by advice on what you can do to improve your laundry or dry cleaning process at any level that is appropriate.

General information – consultancy

CCD is an independent engineering and consultancy office with years of experience on the broad area of industrial cleaning

Work areas consultancy
Our consultancy is focussed at the following work areas:

  • (industrial) cleaning, laundering
  • dry cleaning
  • textiles
  • microbiology & hygiene
  • independent mediation

We offer consultancy as well for small, once-only projects, as for larger projects. Inspection and consultancy is also possible on a regular basis. For these projects special prices apply.

The content of the consultancy is completely based on your requests and problem. A more global approach can be used to give you a complete survey of most aspects of the production process. For troubleshooting we can offer you tailor-made consultancy.

Most of our customers are active in the field of industrial laundriesdry-cleaning and textile rental. We can be of service for inspections, optimizing of processes, mediation with e.g. governmental organisations etc. Also more special projects like auditing and microbiological testing are part of our service.

Auditing & quality assurance
A specialization is quality assurance. We have developed a dedicated auditing technique for laundries and have the ability to perform many kinds of quality checks and controls. Also support with the development of your own quality assurance system is an other form of service.

Environmental measurements
While conducting many projects we have acquired knowledge and experience with environmental measurements. By combining this knowledge with our practical approach it is possible to reduce costs for the required measurements. We can answer your questions and react on your problems in a very cost-effective way. In our knowledge database we have most answers within reach.

Microbiology & Hygiene / RABC
Besides the possibilities to perform almost any relevant microbiological test in the field of cleaning, we also have the ability to assess and solve microbiological problems.

The basis for a good hygienic practice is the development of a system which makes all possible risks visible. In the food industry this system is known under the name HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). For industrial laundries a new European system is developed under the name RABC (Risk Analysis Microbiological Contamination). This system is standardized in EN-14065.

We have developed a systematic approach and we can help you implementing the RABC standard in your company. Read more about this subject on the special information page about RABC