For the practical implementation of the research of the washing process, we have an extensive range of equipment. Sometimes actually developed by ourselves, and always with a specific purpose. And we accompany you to show you how to use it. We also offer a variety of test materials that are designed to test whether the purpose of the washing process is achieved. Practical and specific to a particular requirement or scope – tailored to you!

measuring equipment

Because the smooth running of the washing process depends on many factors, it is important to regularly measure what the status of these factors is. Is the temperature constant? Do your machines conform to environmental rules? And what about the quality of the fabric itself? We offer a variety of equipment to achieve these ends, sometimes developed by ourselves, but always with a specific purpose. Read more >

Test Materials

The washing process must now meet many requirements in different areas. Depending on the objective of the wash those are requirements in terms of stain removal, disinfection, hue / brightness, wear or shrinkage, but also in terms of microbiological hygiene. We offer a wide range of test materials, all of which have been developed to test for a specific requirement or scope of requirements. Read more >


Besides newsstand sales, we offer many of our test materials in subscription form. With this service you will receive each month the materials of your choice - automatically. So you are immediately reminded of the date of your measurement and the time of your regular checks

A subscription is possible for these test materials:

  • Industrial Cleaning Monitor (ICM)
  • Multi Soil Monitor (MSM)
  • DES-Controller
  • Industrial Shrinkage Monitor (ISM, wool or cotton)
  • Industrial Laundry Monitor (ILM)
  • Petrifilm (separate provisions are possible)
  • Rodac-T
  • Rodac-SET
  • Contact Water Analysis (CWA)

Are you interested in a subscription? Then please send an email to We can also assist in the practical implementation of monitoring, evaluation and supervision of your staff.