Measuring Equipment

Because the smooth running of the washing process depends on many factors, it is important to regularly measure what the status of these factors is. Is the temperature constant? Do your machines conform to environmental rules? And what about the quality of the fabric itself? We offer a variety of equipment to achieve these ends, sometimes developed by ourselves, but always with a specific purpose.

Overall quality

To carry out temperature measurements between the fabrics during the washing process CCD has developed, among other measuring devices, the temperature registration module (TRM ). This device measures temperatures in a highly accurate manner and registers it into the built-in memory. We also offer a handheld thermometer with special sensors for surface measurement and quick response and a pH meter. For the control of textiles after cleaning the Tristimulus CCD developed the Reflection Analyser (TRA ). This instrument measures the degree of whiteness, debris removal and even the hue of the fabric. In addition, we have developed a water repellent meter, also known as spray test, to determine the water-repellence of, for example, raincoats and work clothes. To determine whether cleaning machines meet the applicable environmental requirements in the field of solvents, we offer three types of measuring instruments. PIM and PEM measure respectively the import and emission of the solvent Per. KIM measures the emission of the solvent AWB. To test whether contact water is discharged in the correct way we provide the contact water analysis.

Environmental Measurements

To check whether you meet current environmental standards CCD offers the leak detector. This measures the smallest leaks of solvents in cleaning machines.

Microbiological equipment

The count can be determined of the number of bacterial germs in a product with petri films and Rodacs (both click-through to a separate page for each instrument under test materials). Both instruments should be at a constant temperature for 48 hours in an incubator. To select multiple pictures simultaneously we offer the Rodac holder. It can accommodate 20 Rodacs and fits into the incubator.