Incubator microbiological analyses

Triggered by the demand an incubator which temperature can be set digitally and also has a higher volume, we launched a a new incubator model.

This new model is has the advantgae that it holds up to 120 Rodac plates (6 CCD rodac plate holders per tray. (2 trays delivered by default)Incubator CCD v2

This digital incubator offers an economical and space-saving solution for microbiological applications.

The temperature is adjustable from 5 ° C - 60 ° C in steps of 1 ° C.
The temperatures can be set digitally, at 37 ° C for the rodacs or at 32 ° C for petri films.

For the purpose of the temperature stability and uniformity, the air (by means of an internal fan) kept in motion. The incubator is provided with a door with a transparent window and a switchable indoor lighting.

The housing and door are double issolated.

  •      Compact design (necessary area is about 0.12 m²)
  •      The temperature is controlled by means of a Peltier element
  •      Good temperature stability and temperature distribution (above and below)
  •      User-friendly and safe


Temperaturerange (° C)

+5 ° C to 60 ° C

Temperature fluctuation (° C)

at 37 ° C ± 1

Capacity (l)


Convection type

by means fan

Shelves supplied (max.)


Internal W × D × H (cm)

29 x 28 x 40

External W × D × H (cm)

34 x 42 x 49

Nominal power (W)


Weight (kg)