Water resistance (spray-test)

The spray-test determines the water repellence of each type of fabric, treated or not treated with a water repellent finish. It is an easy to use test, which gives quick results and meets the ISO 4920 standard.

Want to learn more about the spray test? We will give you more details.

Water repellancy test (spraytest)



This device is used for the standard spray test method. The standard is used for determining the resistance of any fabric - which may or may not have been given a water-resistance or water-repellent finish - to surface wetting by water.

Simple and affordable test method for testing the water repellence. Easy to use and fast results.

  • according to ISO 4920 / EN 24920 norm

  • simple test

  • fast resultspraytester2

  • rigid construction

  • powder coated

  • delivered with instructions for use


  • Dimensions approx 28*20*53 cm (lxwxh)
  • Weight approx. 2,2 kg
  • Materials: aluminium powder coated
  • Accessories supplied: working instruction, measuring beker, clamping cord