Temperature Registration Module (TRM)

The Temperature Registration Module (TRM) measures temperatures meticulously and registers it in the built-in memory.

The durable case of the TRM is shock, pressure and chemical resistant and therefore suitable for measuring temperatures in industrial washing processes. The information from the TRM is readable on any computer – anywhere!

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TRM - Temperature Registration Module

Due to new technological developments, it is now possible to measure and register temperatures inside industrial processes. Based on these new techniques CCD has developed a special data-acquisition device (logger), which can be used inside machines. You can find a short presentation about this product on our site.


The TRM device works completely independent due to a built-in battery.

The body is compact and very solid. Therefore this device is resistant against most shocks, temperature, pressure and chemicals. Because of these properties it can be used for many applications, for instance during industrial laundry processes. It can even withstand normal dehydration-presses, centrifuges and shakers.

The construction is carried out in such a way that a very quick response to temperature variations is obtained. Therefore also very small temperature deviations are registered.

Calibration-information, which is necessary for correct measurement, is stored in the memory of the device itself. The programming and reading of the data can be carried out with almost every computer and on every location.

There is detailed background information available about the measuring principle of the TRM and the interpretation of the obtained data. There are also some important guidelines regarding measuring with the Temperature Registration Module (TRM).




With the TRM-software the device can be programmed and read out. The obtained data can be analysed and graphically presented.

Special functions are built-in, such as the calculation of lethality. In this calculation, the properties of specific bacteria are included.
Enterococcus faeçium is used as reference for this calculation.

You can download the help file of the TRM- software on our site, which includes information about the TRM.

 trm grafiek



The TRM can be ordered as a complete set and as a separate module. The TRM is always calibrated. The set is delivered in a case with the user software, calibration certificate and TRM/PC interface cable.



Dimensions Ø:

Ø ca. 65 mm


approx. 225 g

Used materials

:washing process resistant

Measuring range:

approx. 10 up to 90°C

Environmental temperature and pressure:

max. 10 min at 90°C or
max. 20 min at 85
°C or
max. 30 min at 80
max. 20 bar


± 2°C

Measuring interval:

1 sec up to 10 minutes

Measuring time:

50 min up to 20 day's


3180 measurements

Calibration frequency:

6 months

Storage calibration data:


Lifespan battery (replaceable):

depends on usage

Communication cable:

serial, length approx. 120 cm
including: USB connector