Test Materials

The washing process must now meet many requirements in different areas. Depending on the objective of the wash those are requirements in terms of stain removal, disinfection, hue / brightness, wear or shrinkage, but also in terms of microbiological hygiene. We offer a wide range of test materials, all of which have been developed to test for a specific requirement or scope of requirements.

Primary washing action

For the fast evaluation of washing processes, we test materials for a review of the primary washing action. These measure the degree of removal of a standardized concentration of dirt.

The Industrial Cleaning Monitor is an accurate and convenient way to monitor the soil and stain removal by washing to measure.

We offer the Work wear Cleaning Monitor to measure stain and soil removal in the washing of textiles when handled, used or worn.

The Multi Soil Monitor is a special monitor for determining the soil and stain removal chemical cleaning, wool and fine wash processes.

Secondary washing action

To measure the long-term effects on textiles by the washing process, the Industrial Laundry Monitor (ILM) is a very useful tool. This provides, (amongst others), the degree of wear of the fabric. We developed the Industrial Shrinkage Monitor (ISM), which measures the shrinkage during the cleaning process.

Determination disinfecting effect

 To determine thermal inactivation of bacteria in the washing process, but also the killing by chemicals (low temperature) we developed the DES-controller a unique save to use bio-indicator. To perform checks on the general quality CCD has developed the Temperature Registration Module (TRM). The TRM measures the temperature in the core of the laundry in order to demonstrate that the textile has reached the required temperature.

Hygiene Testing

 For checking the hygiene status we offer two types of test. Rodac plates determine the microbiological status of surfaces; petri films set the total plate count to determine the number of bacteria in liquids.

Environment Measurements

 To determine whether (chemical) cleaners comply with applicable environmental requirements in terms of solvents, we offer three types of instruments. PEM PIM measures, respectively, the immission and emission of the solvent PER. KIM measures the immission of the solvent KWL. To test whether contact water meets the appropriate requirements to be discharged, we provide the Contact Water Analysis (CWA).