Soil- stain removal primary wash (ICM)

The Industrial Cleaning Monitor (ICM) is especially developed to measure the soil and stain removal of industrial laundry processes. The monitor contains different kinds of soils/stains, each one equivalent to a different kind of soil, which occur on lightly and heavily soiled laundry.

Why is measurement of soil and stain removal important?

  • Scoring the degree (level) of stain removal, as well as monitoring the continuity of the verified washing processes (early insight into deviations )
  • Insufficient cleaning bears risk of surviving bacteria by encapsulation in dirt and stains
  • Establishing quality objectives with (end) customer substantiated with reporting
  • Cumulation of poor soil removal will cause hazing of the laundry.

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ICM - Industrial Cleaning Monitor

The Industrial Cleaning Monitor is used for measuring the primary washing performance (soil- and stain removal) of industrial laundry processes.

Application of the monitor
Using the monitor is very easy. The set is washed once with the washing process to be tested. After drying the results can be measured. The results will be compared with the reference values or the (pre)determined quality objectives of the (end)customer.

Demonstrate continuity washing process:
With intermittent use (eg monthly) the results can demonstrate, by means of a trend analysis reports, that the washing process in the field of soil and stain removal shows continuity, and thus corresponds to the pre-determined (quality) objectives.

Process Validation and / or adjusting (new) washing processes:
With this an assessment of current versus new washing processes can be displayed. For this purpose, the results obtained are compared with reference values. These values are based on an independent reference standard washing process (with oxygen bleach) which is highly controlled. The resulting values of this process are called: reference values. With these values it is possible to compare the results of the tested process with the standard process, giving an indication of the quality of the tested process.

Another useful application is to improve the washing process. ICM monitor results demonstrate any shortcomings of the current washing process after which a targeted improvement action can be taken.

It is also possible to use the monitors without these values for comparison of washing processes, washing machines or chemicals.

The different types of soilICM doekjes
One set consists of three carrier cloths made out of standard cotton to which four soil / stain types are sewn.

Oily soils occur in all kinds of laundry, even in hospital laundry. For example: ointments, paraffin, human grease, entrapped dust etc.
Model for food stains. A food stain is a complex kind of soil. It contains fat, protein, carbohydrates and pigments.
In this case wine. The removal of this kind of stain gives also a good impression of the removal of fruit juices and tea.
To check the protein/blood removal of the process. Even if there is no blood present in the laundry other soil types containing protein can be present like food stains.

The measurement of the results

The tristimulus blue remission of the washed monitors is measured with a tristimulus type colorimeter. If you do not have such an analyser available, we can measure the results for you.

The monitors can be bought with and without analysis. Reports are available in the next languages: Dutch, English, French and German.

CCD has a low cost portable tristimulus analyzer (colorimeter) TRA developed, see

Reporting (example)

Soil type





Average measured values





Target *





Result (%)






Requires attention



Requires attention

* Targets are declared by the customer who has washed the ICM (quality objectives in consultation with the (end) customer) or else the standard reference values.


One set of monitors consists of three individual pieces of standard cotton with the four soil types attached. One set is to be used completely to monitor ICM Packagingone washing process.

Oxygen can have a negative effect on the quality of the monitor. This is why excessive oxygen in the package is removed with an oxygen binder. The set is sealed to prevent new oxygen from entering the package. The package also protects the monitor against UV light.