DES (infection) controller

DES-controllers of CCD is a simple to use bio indicator for determination and controlling the degree of bacterial reduction.

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The DES controller makes it possible to measure the actually achieved degree of bacterial reduction. By applying this method, the influence of temperature and disinfectants are demonstrated and optimal adjustment of the disinfection process is made possible for achieving the objectives established regarding bacterial reduction.DES Controller KT4-6

The used indicator-organism is encased in a mechanically, chemically and thermally stable membrane. Micro-organisms can not pass through the membrane, but water and disinfectants can. The membrane makes it impossible to rinse test bacteria during the process of the medium and ensures that all the germs undergo the entire disinfection procedure.

Semi-quantitative results

With the DES-controller, it is possible to obtain. (semi) quantitative results on the disinfection process. The DES-controller is in divided into three (KT3) or four (KT4) compartments, each of which contain a standardized piece of cloth, to which different amounts of the indicator organism (KT3: 105, 106 and 107 KT4: 103, 104, 105 and 106 ) are included. The DES controller is used during the process and thus undergoes the disinfection procedure. On the basis of the results obtained, the degree of reduction is determined. Advice is also to demonstrate the degree of soil and stain removal by using the ICM.

Indicator organism

The indicDES Controller KT3-7ator organism used (Enterococcus faecium ATCC 6057) is a non-spore-forming bacteria and is commonly known as indicator organism for disinfection processes. Research has shown that this micro-organism has sufficient stability, so that the the germ count on the carrier remains constant during a long period of time.

Scope of application

The DES controller is developed in partnership with the "Institut für Hygiene der Universität MEDIZINISCHEN" in Lübeck (Germany) according to scientific standards. Production is subject to continuous quality and production control based on the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001. Application is possible with processes in which any form of disinfection is required.

Conducting the test on site

The test is (usually) carried out by the client. The DES controller is then sent to our laboratory for analysis. The analysis takes place according to an established procedure (part of ISO 9001-2008). In the event of proven presence of bacteria an additional confirmation of response is executed.

Assessment of the results

On the results form the outcome of the reduction is shown as follows:

Shown results:



All negative (no bacteria):

minimal 107

minimal 106

All positive (bacteria):

less than 105

less than 103


between 105 en 107

between 103 en 106

Result forms are available in the following languages: Dutch, English, French and German