Soil- stain removal work wear (WCM)

The Work Wear Cleaning Monitor (WCM) was recently developed to monitor the soil and stain removal in the wash measure for textiles used in industry, such as in garages or in metalworking.

The monitor consists of a set of three cotton swabs to which soils are attached and washed together. It tests the degree of removal of four types of dirt: pigments, motor oil, mineral oil and sebum (skin oil).

After drying, the results are easily measured using a Tristimulus Reflection Analyser (TRA). The monitor is ideal for a review of washing processes used for the comparison of washing, machines, chemicals and the improvement of washing.

Want to learn about the Work wear Cleaning Monitor? We will give you details and instructions.


The Work Wear Cleaning Monitor is is a new and accurate monitor for measure the soil and stain removal of was processes for industrial textiles, such as garages, process industry, metal.

Description of the monitor
The monitor is developed to measure the soil and stain removal of industrial laundry processes. The monitor contWCMains different kinds of soils/stains, each one equivalent to a different kind of soil which may occur in work clothes or such laundry, like overalls, jackets, industrial towel dispensers eg.

Using the monitor is very easy. It is washed once with the washing process to be tested. After drying the results can be measured. The results are calculated relative to the maximum possible removal (% removal of the soil kind).

The different types of soil

There are four kinds of soil/stains on the monitor.

This special kind of soil has been developed to reflect the removal of "parts" like carbon black, pigment parts, small iron parts etc.

Motor oil
This is mineral oil artificially contaminated, similar to oil from (industrial) equipment and engines.

Mineral oil to which pigments are added. The soil type is so developed that it also response on a process with a lower washing temperature (eg less than 75° C).

Model for skin-grease indicator for contamination of clothing by the user (for example, collars and cuffs). This kind of soil is also to use as an general indicator for grease removal of the process.

Application areas
The monitor serves different purposes. The main one is to check the overall performance of the washing processes. Therefore, the results will be compared with the process objectives.

It is also possible to use the monitors without these values, to compare washing processes, washing machines or chemicals.

Another useful application is to improve a washing process. With the information obtained by using of the monitor, shortcomings of the current washing can be detected and an action can be taken to improve the washing process.

The tristimulus blue remission of the washed monitors is measured with a tristimulus type colorimeter. The results obtained are compared with the reference values. Cleaning Consultanpackagingcy Delft bv. also sells a low cost portable tristimulus colorimeter.

The monitors can be bought with and without analysis. Reports are available in the next languages: Dutch, English, French and German.

One set of monitors consists of three individual pieces of standard cotton with the four soil types attached. One set is to be used completely to monitor one washing process.

Oxygen can have a negative effect on the quality of the monitor. This is why excessive oxygen in the package is removed with an oxygen binder. The set is sealed to prevent new oxygen from entering the package. The package also protects the monitor against UV light.