Advice to dry cleaners

We can support Dry Cleaners on several areas during a consult. A consult can be focussed on e.g. quality improvement of the process or your final-product, environmental issues, technical renewals etc


A consult can exist out of a combination of the next aspects:lekkage measurement


  • technical functioning dry cleaning machine
  • control tests for leakage of solvent vapour
  • measuring of the cleaning effect using an Multi Soil Monitor (MSM)
  • shrinkage measurements using an ISM, wool and/or cotton
  • measuring of greying
  • efficiency of the drying process (solvent concentration above unloaded clothing)
  • humidity curve measured during the process

Environment and workspace

  • Environmental screening according to established environmental conditions

  • Assessment of the performance of the ventilation system;
  • Measurements of solvent vapour concentrations in the several areas with special equipment
  • Contact water analysis
  • Sound measurements (indicative)

Technical functioning of finishing equipment

  • Appraisal of finishing quality
  • Measuring of water resistance
  • Shop presentation
  • Report

You will receive an report of the consult within approx. two weeks. The CCD report can be used for inspections by the government.

If problems are detected during a consult, we can help you recommendations to improve you process or product quality.

With our long term experience we have developed a practical approach to problems, so that you will get value for money. We operate as completely independent consultants.