Microbiology and Hygiene (RABC)

We have extensive experience in the field of hygiene measurement. Not only do we carry out all relevant microbiological measurements relevant to cleaning in a practical and efficient manner, but we also have the knowledge to assess the results afterwards.

In Europe the standards for good hygiene in industrial cleaning is known as Risk Analysis Bio contamination Control (RABC). CCD has prepared a systematic approach to RABC, which we have been able to successfully introduce and implement in various companies within the industry.


The European standard EN 14065 describes a Risk Analysis Bio contamination Control (RABC) system for the industrial cleaning sector that ensures continuous monitoring of the microbiological quality of the laundry. The RABC is applicable to textiles that are used in, among others, the pharmaceutical, health care, food and medical industries and in laundries that are being treated. Prevention of biological contamination, demonstrating the microbiological quality and safety of products and employees are a number of approaches that are central to our approach. We can help you with the implementation of this standard in your company on the basis of a roadmap. In it, we work from an inventory of the current situation through a risk analysis and subsequent guidance and support to the actual implementation at the required level of quality.


The European Standard EN 14065 describes a Risk Analysis Bio contamination Control (RABC) system for the industrial cleaning branch to guarantee continuously the microbiological quality of the laundry processed textiles.

Analysis & prevention of microbiological risks (RABC)

The RABC is applied to textiles processed in laundries and used in specific sectors, e.g. pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, healthcare and cosmetics and excludes those aspects relating to worker safety and sterility of the final product. The system is compatible with other international recognised quality management system standards and may be integrated with a existing management system.

Nowadays the need for the prevention of biological contamination in laundries and companies, who deliver home-care articles for institutions and individuals, is of increasing significance for individuals, products, materials and environment.

Soiled textiles entering a laundry are contaminated with varying numbers of micro-organisms from the environment in which they have been used. In this context, the objective of the laundry is to decontaminate the textiles using a disinfection process and then protect them from subsequent recontamination up to the moment they become the responsibility of the customer. The awareness of a "micro-organism exchange" is important in assessing the impact recontamination may have in the use of textiles

Implementation in your company

To implement this standard in your company we can assist you. This can be carried out by means of a step-by-step plan.

  • listing of the current situation using a RABC risk-analysis
  • giving a PowerPoint presentation whereby the standard as well the results of the analysis will be explained
  • accompany with carrying out possible modifications
  • support at the implementation of necessary measurements
  • implementation in the existing quality system

RABC schema