Such a specialized field as the industrial cleaning sector involves specific training. Therefore, we have developed in-house training for different target groups in which theory and practice will be presented as best in class for the industry.

Our four courses in brief:

Process (all links are to the pdf with the information from all four courses) gives more insight into the wash and the equipment used and in the output of process control and management. The course is suitable for anyone who deals with washing and process controls. Production Staff and supervisors benefit from our Product Quality training, the requirements that a product must meet and how to control that product centrally. Procedure gives an overall impression of laundry, equipment and the applicable quality assurance system. Microbiology and Hygiene focuses on employees in the workplace who have little knowledge of these two areas, and this training ensures that their knowledge is complete afterwards!

All our courses can be conducted in-company. We also have a wide range of courses in the areas of quality assurance, washing, dry cleaning, peripherals, textiles, and environmental microbiology. All courses are can be undertaken whole or in separate modules. Is the training or course of your choice not listed? Please contact us, we are always open to suggestions and happy to look at something we may not have thought of before.