Textile Testing

Our textile testing is central to a practical application of this material. Thanks to our years of experience in testing, using and cleaning of textiles, our substantial knowledge within this area and the possibilities offered by extensive testing we can offer:

  • Physical testing, we measure the properties of the material, such as tensile strength and the square metre weight of a cloth;
  • Applications Research defines specific product properties required for the use of that product, such as the insulating capacity of quilts;
  • Performance tests provide information about the durability of the fabric;
  • With damage research if possible, we determine the cause of the damage and who was responsible;
  • A quality evaluation, the quality of used textiles and this can also serve as a basis for valuation.


In addition, we test textile fire behaviour and a quality evaluation of textile care. Are you interested in textile research? Please contact us.

General information – Textile Research

Our textile testing is aimed at the application of textile materials. Of course we also offer all kinds of standard tests. Feel free to ask for information if you are in need of something that is not listed on this website.

There are many companies that are able to test your textiles, but very few who combine this with knowledge of the industrial applications. Therefore we have specialised our self in this direction. In addition to all kinds of standard tests, we are also able to do "damage" research and mediation.

Research possibilities

Our capabilities of textile testing can roughly be divided in the following areas:

  • physical tests (e.g. tensile strength)

  • application tests (is the product suitable for a specific application?)

  • performance tests (how does a product perform under different conditions)

  • damage research (something has happened... What is the cause and who is responsible?)

  • quality evaluation (independent measurement of the quality of a textile package, this can be used as the basis for a taxation)

 Physical testing

These test characterise a product and are almost always performed following international standards.

Related measurements

Tensile strength

Determination of the tensile strength (wet or conditioned)


Amount of threads in warp and/or weft direction

Specific weight

Weight per m2

Application research

Measuring of specific application parameters to characterise if a product will meet the requirements

Related measurements

Isolating capacity

Measuring of the isolating capacity of e.g. quilts

Absorption capacity

Absorbing capacity of incontinent material

 Performance testing

With these tests we are able to test/predict how a product will perform under specific process conditions.

Related measurements

Colour fastness,
fastness to laundering etc.

A broad range of tests (ISO105), measuring colourfastness, against temperature, bleaching etc


Fastness to rubbing for synthetic of partly synthetic materials (Martindale)

Damage research

For implementation of damage research we have developed a special basic research. Against small costs, frequently we can answer you sufficient on your questions at damage. If req uired, examination can be always more extensive and detailed.

Related measurements

Basic damage research

Standard research by one of our experts to assess the cause of textile damage

Mate to measure

Customised research, this can be a combination of textile research, consultancy and mediation between parties

Evaluation of quality level

We have developed a special system for characterising the quality (value) of products. This system can be used to have an independent consultant determine the state of a larger amount of products that are already used.