Basic damage research

With basic damage research we endeavour to find the cause of damage, discoloration or unexplained blotches and who is liable. This may involve a single personal item or a whole group of items.
Depending on the damage we do a number of standard analytic procedures from which, in many cases, the cause is quickly apparent. You will receive a brief report afterwards.

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Basic research of textile damage

Each textile cleaning company will have sooner or later to get with articles which are damaged, have discoloured or show unexplainable spots. For these articles it is possible to let perform a "basic research of textile damage".


If damage concerns a large party of articles and the whole party has become unusable, large money amounts ctextiel basisan be involved. By means of research by an independent expert, the cause of damage and the liability can be determined.

Also damage can concern a single personal article, where independent research will reinforce in many cases the confidence of the customer. By determining the cause, can recurrence of the same damage in the future be limited or prevented.

In the first place, a basic research will be carried out for a fixed amount. Depending on the type of damage a number of standard analyses will be done. In many cases the cause of damage becomes already directly clear, by this basic research.


You can send the concerning article to CCD with the filled-in damage form. For an uncomplicated settlement, please fill-in the damage form completely. If this form is not yet in your possession, you can download the form here.


In principle, you will receive the results in the form of a concise report, within 2 weeks. If necessary, in the report recommendations will be done for more closely, specific research.

If there is more specific research necessary, we can be also of your service. CCD can perform nearly all-possible provisions.


Preventing claims is of course the best option. For this reason, research of new textile belongs also to the offered services